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Is there already something like this out there? (girls toilet training)

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ilikemysleep Tue 06-Nov-12 21:33:57

If not I think I am on to a genius idea....

I have 3 sons and now my 4th child, a girl, is almost ready for toilet training. When the boys were newly trained, if we were out for a long walk in teh countryside and they were caught short, they would do a 'secret wee' up against a tree - Bob's your uncle! They still quite enjoy an alfresco pee every now and again smile

I remember as a little girl in the same scenario weeing all over the back of my trousers or tights regularly, having to pull them way forward out of the way, falling over backwards into the leaves with my bare bum etc. -Or I see adults holding little girls up to wee and risking getting pee all over their arms...

I know you can get various products for festivals, camping etc that enable women to pee standing up - like the shewee, pstyle etc etc.

Is there such a thing as a toddler sized one, so my girlie can occasionally join her brothers peeing against a tree if she needs to??

LaCiccolina Mon 12-Nov-12 20:51:07

Not that I've found, no.

Will look out for u on dragons den.. !


berri Mon 12-Nov-12 20:52:16

Not seen one! But is she she-sww thing just too big to use? Not seen one irl....

kige Mon 12-Nov-12 20:54:29

I'm not sure what those things are but I have ds and dd. dd is younger and was most perplexed that she didn't have a willy. Anyway for a little girl, mine is 4, you can take off leggings and pants and lift child up facing away from you. They get their legs wide so they don't wee on them and then just wee like a boy.

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