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So I think tomorrow's the day - please give me encouragement and your top tips!

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theborrower Thu 01-Nov-12 21:34:31

DD is 27 months - She has been using the potty before bathtime for a few weeks now, and has done something in it most nights, and she tells me during the day when she has done a wee or a poo (not every time, mind). My DP let her run around naked the other morning instead of putting her in a nappy, and she went to the potty twice of her own accord to use it. So I'm guessing she's ready to go!

We've been putting it off for a bit because I'm terrified because we've been waiting for a quiet weekend, and everyone to be fit and well, so I think tomorrow's D-Day.

I think the plan is to put her in pants after her morning poo (normally pretty soon after waking and milk) and take her to the potty every hour or so, or encourage her to go when she thinks she needs, is that right?

However, I don't know what to do about her nap. She naps for about an hour after lunch, but I can't remember the last time she napped in her cot - I always have to take her out for a long walk in the buggy. Do I put her in a pull-up or nappy?

Also, what do I do about night-time? A colleague has recommended we leave night training until later, so we use a nappy (or pull-up) for night time, but to help differntiate it we call it a pyjama pant. What do you think?

Positive stories, tips and advice all welcome!

theborrower Fri 02-Nov-12 11:26:38

Bump - we're underway! Had 4 stars on the chart but 3 accidents already. God, I wish we had a tumbledryer...

unexpectediteminbaggingarea Fri 02-Nov-12 11:43:03

I hate potty training personally. Am just sorting out my DD who is 29 months, and I think we're pretty much there now. Here is how I did it:

Didn't go out for a few days, except for unavoidable eg school run.

Took her to the potty every 15 minutes until she did one, then after an hour. (ie if I took her and she didn't go, I took her back after 15 mins. If she did one, I took her back after an hour).

Praise chocolate every time she did one. Whooping, cheering, running around in circles etc. Rang up nana, aunties, anyone who loves us very much to tell them that she'd done it.

Bought new knickers. Let her choose them.

Only put knickers on in the day, never a nappy. We just took spares out.

She got the weeing very quickly. Pooing took much longer and it's actually only the last 2 days that she has successfully pooed in the toilet.

Night dryness is to do with a hormonal change, not training, so just use nappies at night as normal until they are always dry, then stop using them. We take the nappy off the minute she wakes up in the morning, so her first wee is in the toilet, not a nappy.

Good luck!

theborrower Fri 02-Nov-12 18:35:21

Thanks! Not actually been as horrendous as I expected. After 3 wees in the space of 10 mins, 2 of which were on the floor, I took off the pants, and moved the potty to the room we were in (had thought keeping it in the bathroom would be fine as we're in such a tiny flat).

Ended up with 15 stars on the chart (her treat at 10 was an episode of Justin's House and half a chocolate muffin) and 5 accidents, but none since midday. Put her in 'travel pants' (pull up with pants over) for her buggy nap, then back to nothing when we git back in house.

So, an encouraging day I think, but what happens when normal life has to resume?? We're back at nursery on Tuesday.

unexpectediteminbaggingarea Sat 03-Nov-12 08:35:57

well, you never know what might happen before tuesday. It really only took DD a few days to get the wees right, They're also so experienced with potty training at nursery so will support you in what you're doing.

Re DIY 'travel pants'. I did it the other way round for a longish journey in the first few days - pants with a nappy over the top, so that she felt like she was wearing pants but the carseat was saved. In the end she held on the whole way anyway.

We had the potty in whatever room we were in too at first. As soon as she had it semi cracked we ditched the potty and went onto the toilet with a seat on top.

theborrower Sun 04-Nov-12 21:27:04

Well, on day 2 we had 11 stars and 2 accidents, and Day 3 we had 9 stars and 4 accidents.

Is this going well or not?

She is not peeing quite so frequently as she did on the first day, which was literally every 10 minutes at one point, but she is still fairly frequent in the morning, but today managed almost 2 hours between. Is this because I'm reminding her too often?

She has another day in the house tomorrow before we go back to nursery on Tuesday. I'm starting to wonder if she was showing all the signs of being ready, but isn't quite with the bladder control bit.

Anyone - please let me know your thoughts!

theborrower Sun 04-Nov-12 21:28:29

should say - that was almost 2 hours between wees in the afternoon.

Mum2Fergus Sun 04-Nov-12 21:53:14

Hang in're both doing grand. Dont revert to nappies, it will only confuse. Keep plenty of spare pants at nursery/home...and try to stop feeling pressured about it. It WILL happen smile

theborrower Sun 04-Nov-12 21:59:50

Mum2Fergus - thank you! I have been feeling pressured, and I'm also a worry wart sometimes.

But we have loads of pants, and I've just ordered some trainer pants from amazon for piece of mind when we're on the bus etc. I'm also going to try and track down some change mats from the huge tesco along the road, for car trips and the buggy! Don't know if I'm going over the top, but these things worry me, so I'll feel a bit easier about it once I've got these I think.

QTPie Sun 04-Nov-12 22:29:06

I got "Piddle Pads" fom eBay - washable pads that catch the wee, for use in carseats/buggies.

Mum2Fergus Mon 05-Nov-12 21:19:24

OTT? Maybe lol but if it helps you relax a bit, go for it. I can hardly talk...I bought about 100 pairs of pants, Potette for out and about, mats, stool and seat for each toilet...then padded seats so he'd be comfortable! Ive Freecycled pretty much everything except the pants! Lol lesson learned which I now try to pass on smile

theborrower Mon 05-Nov-12 21:33:23

Well today was quite good I think - 13 stars (which included 3 poos, and she went on her own) and 2 accidents. I also had a good chat with the nursery today in advance of tomorrow, who were reassuring! Of course we'll expect lots of accidents, but fingers crossed we don't have any on the bus!

theborrower Mon 19-Nov-12 21:11:45

operation potty training update, day 18:

hooray, our first day without an accident! She has been doing really well, although with an average of 2 accidents a day (well, the nursery tried to assure me that she was doing well, I was a bit unsure!). Yesterday we were almost there - we had a day out to the zoo and everything, and no accidents until she was getting undressed for her bath.

So, fingers crossed this lasts, although it's nursery again tomorrow...

She has only had one poo accident with us at home, but has had poo accidents every day at nursery. Does anyone know why that might be? Nursery staff wondered if she was just more comfortable doing poos in front of us, and shyer with them?

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