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pullups for school run?

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familyfun Wed 31-Oct-12 13:48:03

dd2 has been weeing on the potty before bed for a fortnight so yesterday i decided to try potty training.
i left her bare in the house and she did 5 wees and a poo in the potty, i put pullups on for school run and after school activity and she stayed dry. she had 2 accidents all day so a good start.
today so far she has done 5 wees and a poo on the potty but had 2 accidents while wearing pullups just before school run and on way home.
not sure whether to stick with pullups and save the pushchair, or go for pants and risk a wet pushchair.

notMarlene Wed 31-Oct-12 13:59:37

Pants and a nappy laid flat on the buggy seat, I'd say.

familyfun Wed 31-Oct-12 14:18:24

with dd1 i did 2 days bare, then 2 days just pants, then trousers so she got used to it slowly and i stayed in.
its so much harder this time round having to be and out all the time. and its so cold out she needs layers on.
yes i could try and nappy laid out in buggy,carseat as needed.
im avoiding all playgroups for rest of week see how she goes.

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