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Toilet training....too early!

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Dugard10 Wed 31-Oct-12 08:18:00 Son is 2.3 years old and yesterday we started potty training. After many wet pants and only one successful wee on the toilet, I am wondering if this is normal? Have we started it too soon? He does say when he has done a wee or a poo in his nappy and is intrigued by the whole toilet thing.
This morning within 20 mins we had 3 wet pants. He knows that wee's are done on the toilet as he says that they are, but he is telling us after he has done a wee and not when he needs to I ready the signs all wrong. I feel like I don't want to give up as its failing, but if he is not ready I don't want to push him!!! All comments welcome xxx

familyfun Wed 31-Oct-12 14:23:13

i started potty training my dd2 yesterday too smile
has he really shown signs of readiness? we have left a potty around for months which she has sat on clothed, played with etc. but its only been the last few weeks she has sat on and weed and started saying weewee and also has been dry for naps so i think she is ready.
im keeping her bare in the house as i did with dd1 for a few days, then try pants, then trousers, one step at a time.

why not note down when he wees, how long he can last between wees and see if he improves within 4-5 days and if still the same go back to nappies till he is more ready?

Dugard10 Wed 31-Oct-12 20:01:25

Thank you very much for your message. I thought that my son was showing all the signs, but maybe not...I was trying to avoid the potty and just go straight to the toilet with one of those seats as I would have to do it in the end. He is asking for his nappy on now too!
Feel like I have failed a little, as I had this week off work to really try and crack it!! Good luck with your potty training! X x x

familyfun Wed 31-Oct-12 20:20:09

you havent failed at all, you cant force them to be ready, he may get it in a day or so or he may need more time.
leave the potty around and see how interested he is. smile

QTPie Fri 02-Nov-12 23:12:36

I think that you out too much pressure on yourself - he needs to be ready and it isn't something that you can force if he isn't...

We tried at 2 years 6 months and it wasn't right, slew backed off completely. 3 months on, we are making serious headway (started Sunday evening, so far only 3 accidents).

Also, think carefully about "straight to toilet": it sounds like a great idea (I wanted to do it that way too), but it is a BIG step in one go. If you have a potty in the living/family area then it is in sight and in mind and you can get there quicker. I would say "little baby steps" - don't expect too much in one go: the whole toilet training thing is the most difficult/complex thing that we have asked them to do.

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