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Have I started to early?

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DimplesOhara Mon 29-Oct-12 16:31:58

I started leaving DD nappyless around the house last week, she managed to do a couple of wee's on the potty (with me in the other room) so I thought she would be ready for PT.
Since the day we have had no wee's at all on the potty, she wee's on the floor then runs & sits on her pot but hasn't managed to get there before she does it.
Shall I leave it a couple of months then try again, or is this normal, haven't got a clue as she's my first!

Nevercan Mon 29-Oct-12 20:28:31

Has she shown any interest in following you to the loo, flushing the loo etc? Can she tell you when she has done a wee or poo yet? If not i would wait a while longer

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