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AnyoNe potty trained as per this book?

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houmousandcarrotsandwich Mon 29-Oct-12 11:10:06

have read "potty training for boys" by Simone Cave & DR Caroline Fertleman & wondering if anyone has used this method? How did it work for you?

DS is 2.10 & I think it would be really hard to do the stay at home for a week technique. Firstly I have a 5 month old, so is hard to spend long periods of time solely concentrated on potty training as have to feed baby etc.
Also DS is very active & more then a day indoors sends him (& me) a little crazy.

Any other suggestions ideas are welcome

scampidoodle Sat 03-Nov-12 15:23:11

Just wondered if you've had a go yet? I got this book a couple of days ago and we've started doing some of the preparation with DS (2.4) - might have our first session, as they call them, tomorrow.
It seems a more sensible solution than staying at home for a week and turning it into a big issue (whilst we both go mad because we've not been anywhere...)

flyingelephants Sun 04-Nov-12 10:07:02

We used this book. Ds is 2.5 we started about a month ago with very short sessions and built up over a couple of weeks until he was in pants all the time at home. For the last 10 days he's been in pants all the time and seems to be doing fine. Only had one accident this week, asks for the potty himself without being prompted. Has been quite easy and stress free. He hates being at home all day so this way worked better for us. We did try the staying in all day method a few months ago and it was a disaster and ds got really upset (although that might have been cos he was too young.) He didn't seem to get confused by switching between pants and nappies. Hope that's helpful smile

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