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Son keeps stripping and pooing/weeing everywhere (not in toilet) does this mean he is ready for toilet training?

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Completelyabsolutelystill Thu 25-Oct-12 12:34:38

Hello, I've been lurking around on the boards for a while now, but finally built up the courage to post as I am desperate and have reached the end of my line, so I really hope some of you lovely people can help me!!

My son is a 2 and a half years old toddler, very sprited and keeps me busy. I also have a 9 month old son. In recent weeks my toddler has started taking all his clothes off around the house and running around in his nappy. It started with just his top actually and then he progressed to his bottom half as well. He can get out of his sleepsuit and vest things as well.

He has now started taking his nappy off as well and so I thought perhaps he was ready for toilet training, so we started talking about the toilet and how big boys wear underwear and do wees and poos in the toilet, and then we had one day where I told him no more nappies and started sitting him on the loo with one of those booster seat thingys. we had moderate sucess with that with him weeing on it now and again. I was taking him to the toilet almost every 15 mins then stretching it to every half an hour, the rest of the time he was wearing cloth underwear that has an absorbant bit (bambino mio ones). anyway he was still weeing in those underwears and in that one day we went through all 6 that I had bought, cos despite me taking him to the loo so often he was still managing to fit in a wee in the underwear! Also, he was not telling me that he had done wee and didn't seem bothered about being wet so I thought that he was probably not ready for toilet training so we knocked it on the head. I've not mentioned the toilet or the big boy underwear or any of that stuff since then.

Anyway, the other day, I put him upstairs for his nap and instead of sleeping he had taken off all his clothes, plus his nappy (which he had pooed in) and was standing there weeing on the carpet. I didn't show any reaction, positive or negative and just sorted him out and that was that.

Then today, I found him in the lounge all clothes off, nappy off and he had pooed straight on the carpet. I have to say, while I am writing this, I am still slightly disturbed by this, when I was cleaning his poo up off the carpet I kept thinking about pets for some reason!!?

Anyway, i realise i have gone off on one a bit, but if you have perservered so far, thank you! I am just not sure if he is in fact ready for toilet training or if theres something else going on with him?? As perhaps he doesn't want to wear a nappy anymore, but even though I've told him so many times that we go in the toilet etc, I still don't think he's making that connection between his bodily functions and where he is to do it, I mean he's weed here and there on other occassions during his stripping episodes but when he's doing it he doesn't acknowledge that he is weeing, if you know what I mean.

Any reassurance/advice would be gladly appreciated!!

Completelyabsolutelystill Fri 26-Oct-12 09:16:02

Anyone?? Please?!

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