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DD2 potty trained 7 months ago but still has fairly regular accidents

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mintymellons Wed 24-Oct-12 17:47:20

That's it in a nutshell.

She was potty trained at around 25 months in the spring this year. It took her a few weeks to get it, but has generally been pretty good.

One thing though is that she's never got into the habit of asking/saying when she wants to go, and instead relies on me or an adult reminding her and taking her. She can go for a good while between wees, then you can ask her if she needs to go and invariably she will say no. If you then take her to the loo, she'll do a massive wee or poo.

She's had a bad few days recently, wetting herself because she totally denies that she needs to go (she gets very involved in her play and I think she doesn't want to miss out). Just now she stood in the living room obviously about to poo, I asked her if she needed the loo and she said no. I ran upstairs with her but it was too late. This happened yesterday too.

On the other hand, we were on the way to town in the buggy yesterday and she asked twice to use the Potette, so she clearly can identify when she needs to go, but instead chooses not to sometimes.

Does anyone have any ideas for encouraging her to decide for herself and act on it. I expect the obvious answer is to not remind or take her at all and see what happens.

Would love any advice!

Mollydoggerson Wed 24-Oct-12 17:51:34

I think (could be wrong), that she potty trained too young. She will eventually get there, but as you say she is just too involved in what she is doing to act once she feels the need to go.

Keep at it, it will all come together in another few months. Just keep reminding her.

mintymellons Wed 24-Oct-12 19:44:18

Thanks Molly. I know 25 months is young, but my other DD did it very successfully at that age and I sort of went on that logic!

I'm sure you're right and that time wil sort it out. I think I have too high expectations sometimes!

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