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It took a dose of Tough Love but we've finally cracked it.

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JuliaGulia Tue 23-Oct-12 13:34:52

I've posted on here a few times about my DD 2.8 who was just too emtional/lazy to get rid of her nappy. We'd previously tried the process 2 months ago (when DS,twin) got the hang of it straightaway but she wasn't having any of it.

I don't really know why we decided last Saturday was 'the day', probably because I was out for the morning and my husband thought we weren't being consistent enough second time round (plus he doesn't give in to the tears like I do!).

So I arrive back home, DD a little upset but in knickers and daddy giving her a cuddle. I'm quickly informed that DD is a big girl and wears knickers now.

I thought we'd be in for a rough ride so we spent the next few days at home - and would you know it - we haven't had one single accident. Poos are still a bit of a promblem as she hops around, almost turtle heading (sorry tmi - just seemed the most accurate word), a little upset then she finally concedes that it's coming out so she sits on the potty. She's not a regular pooer - 2 a week max so it's always a full load, but then within moments she's asking for her chocloate button and watching me flush it away.

I hope I'm not sounding to smug. We're on our second attempt and I've followed others plight for the last few months. I just feel like if we'd waited til she seemed ready, she would be starting school in them. I was (still am) convinved that it was an emotional issue but we just felt that we had to take the tough love approach. I know that it's a risky approach but after one failed attempt, I think she knew that she was in control. On the other side of the drama, she's fine, she loves her peppa pig knickers and constantly talks of being a big girl now.

It wont work for all (or many?) but I just wanted to let you know that it can.

Best wishes

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