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DS 2.8- nursery pressuring me to get him into pants! :(

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simplysarahandco Mon 22-Oct-12 23:22:18

Hey, my DS is my third and final child, he is very bright hit all the milestones etc, but is not ready for potty training, he will tell me when he has poo'd, or wee'd but will not say before he needs to go...... have tried on a number of occasions to encourage use od the potty and toilet,spent days at home in just a top and asked him every 30 mins or so.... but he just does not 'get it' yet! i have no problem at all with him still wearing nappies - however the nursery where he attends just 2 mornings a week are really putting on the pressure that he #MUST be in pants or at least pull-ups- (i dont like pull ups tbh- however i do put them on for nursery- he still wets them as he desires!)

Today i was handed a sheet- 'how to potty train ' was totally p#ssed off as i know how to potty yrain- i have two others who managed perfectly fine..... enyhow,

tell me im not over reacting, ....

DS wont be in nappies forever.........

simplysarahandco Tue 23-Oct-12 14:11:45


insancerre Tue 23-Oct-12 14:17:22

The nursery are wrong. He is 2 and he doesn't have to do anything.
Do they not know that each child is an individual and develops at their own pace?
I would take the leaflet, smile and then chuck it in the bin.
I am a very experienced nursery practitioner and what thy are telling you is not on. They should be working with you, to meet his neds. Not bullying you into doing things because it is more convenient for them.
Just stand up to them and tell them that he is not ready yet and thet you will try when you think he is ready. They are in no position to judge this if they are only seeing him for 2 mornings a week.

prayingmantisgroupie Tue 23-Oct-12 14:17:45

You're not over reacting - he'll do it when he's ready. I had this from Dd's preschool, she was 3.1 when they started pestering us. I knew she wasn't ready after several failed attempts, (she eventually trained in 2 days flat at 3.3grin).
Stick to your guns - Dd's key worker also once asked me if I needed any help or tips. I smiled sweetly, thanked her and reminded her I'd been a nanny for 20+ years wink. She was a bit blush, bless her.
Good luck with standing your ground!

simplysarahandco Tue 23-Oct-12 16:03:11

Thank you both ur replies are so gratefully recieved, i knew it wasnt just me x

daimbardiva Wed 24-Oct-12 11:48:17

Defintiely not you - I'd be really pissed off about this. You are his mother, it's your call, and clearly as he's your 3rd child you know what you're doing! If they carry on pressuring you, I'd talk to the manager.

Thankfully my nursery have been just the opposite - have totally let us take the lead, and have acutally said they don't like the use of pull-ups and would rather children went directly from nappies to pants.

My ds is 3.4 and we've only just moved into pants - he just wasn't ready before, and apart from a rather pooey first week, the whole process has been relatively stress free for all of us (nursery included!!)

simplysarahandco Wed 24-Oct-12 13:23:02

Thanks Daim x glad your well on the way with your ds.

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