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Accidents at school

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JAMcCarthy Mon 22-Oct-12 13:56:47

My 3 yr old was brilliant to train - got it and was clean really quickly when he was just 2. Over the summer just before he was 3 he started pooing in his pants again. We have tried to get him back on track with stamps on his hands / stickers etc but it is starting to get to be a real problem at school. He started school in September just after he was 3 and keeps pooing in his pants at school. He just had a couple of clean weeks but last week was very bad and the school are not at all happy. Today he had lunch at home then I got him to do a big poo on the loo and made a real fuss over what a good boy he is and gave him a "good work" stamp on his hands. Just took him to school and the teacher had a little word with me - can't sustain the situation etc. I am at my wit's end. Teacher is "seeing how it goes this afternoon". Any advice??

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