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3yo fully trained during day waiting till we put him down then peeing in night time pull ups straight away .

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ct81 Sat 20-Oct-12 20:46:19

My 3yo has been fully trained during the day since Jan and is great. Hes still in night time pull ups , dont think hes ready to ditch them at night yet, is dry occasionaly in mornings but its few and far between,

We never give him too much to drink late evening, ask him to go before bed, which he usually refuses to do only to get up 5 mins later to stand at the top of the stairs and shout he needs to go, which I really dont mind, always praise him for getting up to tell us he needs even though Im sure its just a delay tactic from sleeping.

However in the last week or so this has turned into waiting till hes been in bed 5/10 mins and going in the pull ups while hes still awake then insisting (understandably ) on having new ones on , but its driving us mad,not to mention costing us a small fortune!

Anyone else experienced this or got any suggestions as to how to get beyond it?

Indith Sat 20-Oct-12 20:51:02

Breathe, count to 10, get him a new pull up. It will pass as every phase does.

Bribary for doing a wee before bed could work too to get him into a "last wee" habit. My dd (4 at christmas) is ahppy enough to most things for stickers. She just doesn't bother going to the loo at all int he day even though she was out of nappies before she was 2, think she just doesn't see the point, yet if we promise a sticker a day and a single chocolate chip for 4 stickers in a row she doesn't have a single accident. Little rotter hmm. Anyway the point of that story is that stickers can work wonders.

thingamajig Sat 20-Oct-12 20:53:21

You could try sitting him on the potty/loo for 5/10 minutes last thing at night, and waiting until he has been. Do stories or songs or something, but make sitting there non-negotiable, and he will probably do his thing. Then put the pull up on. I delayed taking off night time pull ups for ages with dd, but she was fine very quickly indeed if I lifted her when I went to bed, (and I only needed to lift her for a few days before she woke herself), so you could have a go with bed mats, no pull ups.

ct81 Sat 20-Oct-12 21:05:58

Thanks, will keep paitient as well as trying the stickers which he loves as a reward for going before bed, we had to do that a while ago to stop a fight at teeth brushing time and they worked a treat so will try that to get him to stay on the loo as suggested
Bed mats are a great idea, never thought of that, we decided to let him try one night this week with no nappy and ended up stripping the bed at 2 am, not fun when my 9 month old wont give up the middle of the night feed (but we are working on that lol), so will def think about giving that a go coz although hes not dry in the morning very often, he hates the nappy being wet which I suppose could be a sign hes ready for it

My mums favourite phrase is "relax everything is just a phase" is practically the exact same thing youve said Indith and she should know, shes been a nursery nurse for 35 years.Just hadnt mananged to ask her about this new habit of his as shes on hol but I know what her response will be and shes usually right when she tells me it!

Thanks again

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