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dd2 asking for a wee, but timing not good.

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familyfun Sat 20-Oct-12 20:11:12

am i doing dd2 a disservice not potty training her as the timing is bad?
we are going away for a few days and dont want to carry spare clothes/potty everywhere.

dd1 was dry by 21 months but i could stay in when needed.
dd2 is 23 months and for the last week she has sat on the potty before bedtime and weed on it every night (and pood one night too). a few times in the days i have sat her on the potty and she has weed.
today twice she has just said weewee while playing so ive sat her on the potty and she has weed on it.
if left nappy free she runs around for 2hrs easy without weeing so has quite good control.

if i was at home for half term id be tempted to try potty training, bare for a few days to see how she went.

will i put her back by leaving it for a while?

alwaysworriedtoo Sun 21-Oct-12 17:32:21

I wouldn't think so, if she is getting ready I would think that even if wearing a nappy she will say something. And even if she doesn't it won't be too much hardship to restart, and she will know a little what is expected of her. How about holding her on the toilet seat before bedtime so she is having something still in the routine?
Good luck with it!

familyfun Mon 22-Oct-12 21:50:55

yes i might try the toilet at bedtime while away.

alwaysworriedtoo Wed 24-Oct-12 14:58:59

Hope it works ok and that you have a good break smile

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