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Persevere or back to nappies?

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Issy42 Sat 20-Oct-12 13:03:29

DD (2.11) started potty training at the end of August and still averaging one accident each day, mainly when playing outside at nursery or concentrating on something else at home. Is this normal after nearly two months or have I started too soon?

She's been using a potty and toilet for nearly a year and she'd been asking to start wearing pants for a while, but I put it off because she wouldn't poo in the toilet, but then one day she refused to wear nappies so I decided to go for it. Now she does poos in the toilet/potty all the time, apart from the odd poo in her nappy first thing in the morning, but still has wee accidents more days than she doesn't.

Don't really want to return to nappies, but wondering if a brief spell in nappies and a fresh start may have better success. Hear all the time about children who trained in 3 days and haven't had an accident since. Are these the norm or is this a case of people who were successful shouting louder than the majority who weren't?

If I ask her if she wants to go back to nappies she says yes until you try to put one on and then she asks for pants. Her ideal is pull ups, which I used a month ago on holiday a couple of times when we wouldn't be near a loo, but she treats them like nappies and won't go to the toilet at all when wearing them.

mrsfuzzy Sun 21-Oct-12 00:56:43

i wouldn't go back to nappies, as you say,accidents happen when she otherwise occupied and therefore forgets the loo, sounds like she's doing fine, she'll get dry in her own time, so what if someone elses kid was dry in three days? yes, and they will probably sit their gcses when they are six, some parents are only to glad to trumpt and gloat over their kids sucesses, don,t worry you'll be fine with her just don't step backwards.

Fresh01 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:02:56

DD2 would regularly have accidents (a 2-3 a week) for nearly 9 months after TT her. All when she was too busy or concentrating on something and it didn't occur to her to go till it was too late. We eventually broke the cycle by making her become more involved in the cleaning up ie. taking off wet pants, putting in laundry basket, getting clean pants off bench in utility room and help wipe up the puddle. When it became more inconvenient to have an accident than forget the accidents stopped very quickly.

DD1 was TT in 5 days and never had another accident. Been at it 6 weeks now with DS and ok for wees but only 2 poo's in toilet rest in pants! Every child is different, so just ignore those around you.

LBsBongers Mon 22-Oct-12 21:17:37

After potty training DS too early second time round with DD I took the decision to put her back in nappies following several accidents. Realised she was dry as long as I prompted her to sit on potty or toilet when I backed off she began wetting herself whilst distracted.

When I sensed we were both getting frustrated I put her back in nappies (without too much discussion ) and tried again just a few weeks later. She has now been dry for weeks with only one accident.

there is a difference between being potty trained and being without nappies, if you are both finding it waring I would rethink, you want to avoid it becoming a battle of wills

Don't consider it a backward step either, all children are different

Good luck

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