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If they are just not interested does it mean they are not ready?

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BranchingOut Fri 19-Oct-12 22:15:47

My lovely son is 3.1 and has made almost no steps towards potty training.

It took him a loooong time to ever begin to show awareness of a poo in his nappy (2.8?). Up till then he was perfectly happy to wander around with one there, with absolutely no apparent discomfort at all. grin

We have a potty upstairs
We bought a Baby Bjorn potty chair
We have a toddler seat
We have step-stools
We have 'Pirate Pete's potty'.
We have 'Everybody Poos' (this one makes even me feel a bit queasy!)
We have pants - which he likes, but just gets wet/pooey
We have offered chocolate buttons
We have him at nursery some days a week, where other children are using loo
We have him come into the loo whenever we go, which he adores

BUT nothing has ever gone in the potty! He is very reluctant to even sit on it at all and his little bum has never even gone near the toddler loo seat!

It is just as if he sees it as totally unrelated to him, nothing to do with him at all? He just does not want to do it and is completely unbothered by any talk of 'being a big boy', 'grown up pants' etc. There is absolutely no interest in using the potty, even though he knows there might be a reward involved, lots of praise etc.

He is bright and lovely but quite stubborn. At the moment we are just taking the pressure off and leaving it be, but I wondered if anyone had any useful suggestions?

crackcrackcrak Fri 19-Oct-12 22:21:58

Dd (3.0) and her best friend (boy same age) are exactly, exactly like this. I know a few other kids like it too and only 2 of our groups kids are out of nappies. There are all turning 3.
Dd has wee'd on the potty about 3 times in the last year and like your ds, only shown awareness of poo on her nappy v recently. Actually she can't tell the difference because she told me she had a poo today but it was just a soggy nappy.

She just isn't interested. Even nursery report she has only shown the slightest interest in her little friend using the loo this week. I think it was fleeting though.

I'm not bothered - its easier to leave it a while but exp keeps nagging but I'm 100% sure that based in her behaviour she just isn't ready.

BabylonPI Fri 19-Oct-12 22:28:15

Just leave the potty out where it can be seen - one upstairs and one downstairs.

No pressure to use it, but MASSIVE praise when he does.

DD2 is 3.2 and showed no interest whatsoever until 3 weeks ago when she got up one morning and asked to go to pre school in big girl pants.

I let her go in them and she hasn't worn a nappy since, day or night. Most impressive is that we've only had 2 accidents and both in the daytime grin

I've now given her a big treat by buying her a new duvet cover (moshi monsters) grin

Good luck smile

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