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Advice/info before involving heath visitor

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lotsofcheese Wed 17-Oct-12 18:40:57

DS is nearly 4. He was born 3 months prematurely & late to train as I didn't feel he was ready.

Finally, at 3.4, he did it himself & did wonderfully - taking himself off to the toilet, standing on his step & peeing right into the toilet. We barely had a pair of wet trousers. He wasn't so good with poos - more likely me spotting that he needed to go, but he would happily go & when reminded.

Fast forward 6 months & things are disastrous: he will very rarely ask, or go to the toilet unprompted. If left to his own devices, he will wet/soil himself. So I'm having to pre-empt him continually.

He started nursery in August & completely regressed to the point of them having to take him every 15 mins. He also goes to a CM 2.5 days & she has to prompt him too. I've worked with them both to try & move forward.

We've removed privileges, tried blackmail (chocolate, new toys etc), ignored, rewarded with stickers etc. Unless he is incentivised, he won't do it. And even then, not for long.

But 6 months later, he's not moved forward much & I'm on the point of involving the HV. I don't think putting him back in nappies is a solution.

Sorry this is so long. Any ideas, thoughts, advice is welcome.

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