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DD refusing nappy but does this mean she's ready for potty training?

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1Catherine1 Sun 14-Oct-12 23:56:22

I have 1 DD who is approaching 19 months old. I'm inexperienced and have been doing plenty of reading which seems to suggest that she could still be too young but "you never know". It has left me uncertain on whether she is or is not ready so I'm seeking out the wisdom of other MNers.

She has recently decided that she hates nappies and has mastered stripping off her trousers and her nappy. She will take her nappy off regardless of whether it is dirty or not. She knows what the potty is by name and can also say "wee-wee" and "poo-poo" and knows what they are. She know's that mummy goes for a wee-wee in the morning on the toilet and often reminds me if I try to do something else forget. Her nappy (when it stays on) usually remains dry for a couple of hours before she needs to go, which I understand is a sign that she may be ready.

She knows when she needs a poo but I'm not sure if she knows when she needs a wee. For instance, yesterday, after she climbed into my bed (while I was sleeping) without a nappy, cuddled up and started to drift off, she seemed to surprise herself, when she shouted "wee-wee" as she started to wee my bed. Then this evening at bath time, she was only 2 steps from the potty but had a wee on the bathroom floor instead, looking rather surprised by the whole thing.

I'm wondering if perhaps, she is mentally ready but not physically? Or should I do something to help her recognise when she needs a wee? I have no idea what though because it's not as if she would understand if I explain it to her. I'm sorry if I'm being really dumb. I would like to hold off the potty training for 2 weeks though at least as then I'm on half term and will be home with her to train her- if she is ready, that is.

mummmsy Mon 15-Oct-12 00:00:05

sounds a lot like my dd. i would give it a try (at half term if that suits better), you can always go back if it doesn't work out. she's exhibiting some of the trends of my dd at that age, for eg my dd would pull at her nappy when she'd peed, in discomfort and say 'dd not like' or 'wee' 'dd not need' i.e. the nappy. keep rewarding with praise i.e. 'good girl, you know you did a wee!' etc in the mean time until half term

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