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Daughter holding wee for a seriously long time. Concerned.

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ilikemysleep Sun 14-Oct-12 22:43:51

My Dd is 2 and 1/3. I have had a few tries at potty training but she became very resistant to sitting on the potty so I backed off. However she has become very aware of her wee in particular and doesn't like wetting her nappy, but won't sit on potty or toilet either (doesn't like wetting pants either). The result is that she is holding her wee for so long that I am quite worried that she will make herself ill. For example, she has a change at nursery at 5pm and her nappy will be dry at bedtime, still dry the next morning, and she won't wee until about 9 to 10 am. I am thinking of flushing her full of juice and leaving her bottom half naked over the weekend, what does anyone think?

Anyone else who has been through this and has any great ideas, do tell!

Beamur Sun 14-Oct-12 22:49:33

That's quite a long time.
I don't think what you are suggesting would help though - it might just scare her more.
I'd encourage her to drink a reasonable amount, but not excessive liquids and keep reassuring her that it is ok to wee in her nappy. I'd leave off potty training for a little while too. Might be worth speaking to your GP about how long is sensible between wees.
My DD has a cast iron bladder and can leave much longer between wees than I can, but I don't think she would go from 5pm to 10am.

Runningblue Sun 14-Oct-12 22:52:17

Is it a privacy thing? I had to hide a potty behind DS's bedroom door and another in the bathroom, telling him that he could have a quiet moment to wee whenever he fancied- didn't need to ask or tell me... Worth a try?
Also try not to ask too much 'do you need a wee?' - it sounds like she has enviable bladder control so doesn't need reminding!

Runningblue Sun 14-Oct-12 22:54:39

Also is she doing any wees on the potty at nursery? We found when DS had potty training pals at nursery it brought him along very quickly.
Our nursery was great, and given DS goes 4 days a week, we followed their lead in advising us in what had been happening at nursery so we could mirror at home...

ilikemysleep Sun 14-Oct-12 23:07:38

Hi all
Thanks for the thoughts.

Many of the other kids are potty training at nursery so she sees them going and they ask her if she wants to go, she always says no and as far as I know they don't push it (but I will check). She has weed in the loo once at nursery and on the potty two or three times at home - always got choc buttons and a 'party' and seemed to quite like it, but she seems to have got a bit fearful, possibly of the change? Not sure. She is still determined nursing when my other kids self weaned at 11 to 13 months so she is a very determined wee girl!

I don't think it's privacy - when she eventually does go she does it wherever, you can tell because she stops still and stands like John Wayne!

Beamur Sun 14-Oct-12 23:14:31

My DD was very fearful of potty training - I don't think it's that unusual, it is an odd sensation and maybe some children have some degree of awareness that they are not such babies anymore. The worst kind of encouragement you could give my DD was to say 'what a big girl you are for doing that' as she was highly resistant to the idea of growing up!

Runningblue Sun 14-Oct-12 23:19:15

It's so hard to work out how their brain is ticking, it's toddler whispering at its best... The only thing is to never assume the thing they like - eg high praise- is what they like the next day.... Then it could be ' completely ignore me mum'
I found overall nonchalance was the preferred response from me to DS, and if he was dead excited, I was dead pleased too. If he had that coy look on his face, I had to be very understated!

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