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Where to go next?

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine Tue 02-Oct-12 14:02:36

Dd is 2yrs 5 months.

She reliably poos on the toilet.
If she needs a poo she will mostly ask.

If I sit her on the toilet for a wee she will usually wee, and look very pleased with herself.

Sometimes she will tell me she has pooed when she wees in nappy.
She never asks to wee unprompted.
She shows no awareness of wet nappy/pants. She doesn't care.
If take her to toilet every hour she will still manage a massive wee in her (cloth) training pants.

Sometimes she asks to wear her training pants. Sometimes when wearing training pants she will ask for nappy.

She accompanies me to the toilet every time so she knows what mummy does, and that big girls wee and poo in toilet.

Sometimes she wears nappy, sometimes training and pants (in the house). If she is in training pants I will take her to toilet regularly, then back to nappy after a few wet pairs.

What next? Do I need to do anything, or shall we keep going as we are?

OstrichSized Tue 02-Oct-12 18:52:45

I would think to try potty training with her. Leaving her bare bottomed might do the trick in getting her to realise what's going on down there.

Like your dd, my dd was reliably doing poos on the potty for a year before the toilet training came.

I tried putting pants on the first 2 days but they mustve felt like nappies to her and she had lots of accidents.
Brought the potty into any room she was in to make it easier for us and it all clicked for her on day 3.

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