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It was going so well

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mrsXsweet Mon 01-Oct-12 18:21:53

Dd (2yrs 8 months) was potty trained in July and it went really smoothly for 2 months, we had a mini regression at beginning of September which was sorted with stickers and rewards. Fast forward a month and we are going backwards everyday. She refuses to go to the toilet and gets quite angry if u suggest she goes, this results in her wetting her pants- there are 2 scenarios at this point she realises she needs to go and finishes off on the potty or she denies her pants r wet, gets really distressed when u try and change her and cries for 15 mins or so. I am fed up! I don't know whether to leave her, without pestering and tolerate the smell of piss, put her back in nappies, try stickers and presents again or is there something I am missing? She seems to have forgotten what the urge feels like and I end up getting frustrated with her as she used to be able to do it!

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