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DD pulling off her pullup at night - and then wetting the bed!

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headfairy Mon 01-Oct-12 17:41:50

Dd is 2.8. Day time potty training was fab. Done back in May and she got it within a week. She rarely has accidents during the day time. However she's never been dry at night so we've been putting her in pullups. Recently she's been pulling the pullup off, and then waking several hours later soaking wet and sobbing. She's obviously not ready to go dry through the night, but how can I stop her pulling her pullup off? I have spoken to her, and she always says she won't do it again, but then we have another night light last night of changing beds at 3 in the morning with dd sobbing and being shattered today.

RikersBeard Mon 01-Oct-12 17:49:20

How about a onesie? (have heard they are fashionable at the moment but that's another thread grin)

We put our 2year old in them for chickenpox so he couldn't get his hands in to scratch so much

headfairy Mon 01-Oct-12 18:04:59

Hahaha, I could put her in one, but only if could get her to put her rollers in and make up on grin

That's actually not a half bad idea... I hadn't even thought of that. She's so bloody determined I have a horrible feeling she'd try and get the onesie off and then the pull up grrrrr!

The trick will be persuading her she can't wear her pyjamas. She's very much in to her pjs, carefully choosing a pair every night, she's very specific about her pj wearing grin

Catsdontcare Mon 01-Oct-12 18:09:25

How about being crafty put her to bed in pants and once she's asleep put the pull up on over the pants? I'd did this for a while with ds.

headfairy Mon 01-Oct-12 18:16:05

Catsdontcare I think dd actually pulls her pullup off in the middle of the night. I always check in on both dcs before I go to bed around 11pm and I check for leaks etc, and it's always in place then. She must wake up at night and take it off but then go to sleep.

I have wondered if she's waking up needing to pee, taking off the pull up and then not getting any further. She has a night light in her bedroom so can see, she can open the door as well so she could go in to the bathroom. Perhaps I should leave a potty in her bedroom (one of my friends did this with her dd) but as she doesn't seem to get beyond taking the pull up off I'm not sure if she'd even use the potty.

brettgirl2 Tue 02-Oct-12 09:34:08

If its linked then maybe she would be better without one on. My friend's dd was always wet in the morning until she took the pull ups off. She assumed she wasnt ready.

I guess you also have the 'lifting' option but many people are very against that it seems.

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