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Someone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

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MidnightinMoscow Mon 01-Oct-12 08:43:28

DS is 2.10.

We have had several attempts at PT over the last few months - but for various reasons it has stopped, mainly because he just doesn't seem ready.

He seems more interested in using the toilet, and has done a couple of wee's on the loo. So I have bought the seats and steps.

We have started again today, and he is really excited about wearing pants. However, any mention of using the loo or potty brings out either tears or just a 'no'. Or, he'll change the subject and just run off, or start gabbling about something else.

I have tried putting him on on regular intervals, and he just cries and jumps about making it impossible.

Am I just going about this the wrong way? I am also trying stickers, bribes etc.

Please help. Have asked DH to bring a big bottle of Gordons home tonight!!

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