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Daytime training cracked - but problems at night even though we are not trying to night train!

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MoragG Sun 30-Sep-12 18:53:48

Started training DD (2.8) last weekend - this was our second attempt and she seems to have cracked it really quickly this time. No accidents after the first couple of days and all going well during the day. Night time is a different story though! We had no intention of training her at night time for a few months yet, so we had been putting on a nappy at night time. However, for the last few nights she has been getting up before going to sleep, taking her nappy off and trying to use the potty - several times. I have had to keep going up and replacing her nappy. I have bought some pull-ups today to see if they are better, as at least she might pull them back on. Has anyone had this problem?

More problematically though for the last two nights has wakened at 3.45am sad and come through to our bedroom saying she needs to wee in the potty.

She seems to have decided that she is not supposed to wee anywhere but the potty. This is, of course entirely logical, but I really don't want her getting up and coming through every night - it take a while for her to go back to sleep which isn't great for her, and even longer for DH and I to go back to sleep. I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with DD2, so could be doing without losing up to an hours sleep at night - there will be enough of this in a few week's time! Has anyone been able to train their DC to use the potty/toilet at night and go straight back to bed?

Clearly she is not able to last all night without weeing (this morning when she came through at 3.45am she had already weed in her nappy, but still wanted to use the potty), so I don't think I can go straight to night time training.

Sorry for such a long post - I think we have several issues here, and not sure how to tackle them. None of the books I have covering potty training mentions this at all....

Rosa Sun 30-Sep-12 18:57:54

Try lifting her to wee when you go to bed. We did this with dd2 as she went dry in 3 days and insisted at night as well. It worked for us , she has never wet the bed, ok often she does wake to wee but now she goes herself and then goes back to bed.

essexmumma Mon 01-Oct-12 02:26:12

This post has reassured me as I could literally have written it word for word myself!! Am awake now as have just done the 'wee run' but have a 6 month old DD as well that we have to try and keep asleep whilst this is all going on.

I will be watching this thread like a hawk. Good luck OP!

MoragG Mon 01-Oct-12 08:57:39

Not just us then! I completely sympathize Essexmumma. Rosa - thanks for this suggestion. We are going to try this tonight. Last night was not a success - she decided she didn't like the pull up and took this off too, so not really any more successful than a nappy sad After not going to sleep for ages (9pm or so), she then woke at 5.35am. Given I have to get up at 6.30am this was not good. I'm hoping if we wake her to wee at 11pm or so this will get her through the night. As a side line, I think I also need to stop her napping during the day, as I think this is not helping at night time - she is not tired enough, and so is messing about with the potty when if she was more tired she would hopefully go to sleep...

Rosa Mon 01-Oct-12 10:22:58

Most of the time mine didd't wake but on sitting on the toilet she weed. Mine hated the potty but she had an elder sister to follow.......

essexmumma Mon 01-Oct-12 10:43:21

Yes we have had the pull up removal too! Been up 3x in the night when she has always been an amazing sleeper!! Then takes ages to go back to sleep. Put a potty in her room but she refuses to use it if it's not been emptied.

Might try lifting...

Rubirosa Mon 01-Oct-12 10:49:33

Can you not just get rid of the nappy and put a potty in her room?

MoragG Mon 01-Oct-12 11:30:26

The problem is that she doesn't just use the potty in her room and get back into bed - she brings it through to our room and wakes us up. She then won't go back to sleep unless one of us goes in with her. So we are all losing sleep. Also, one of the nights she got up she had already weed in the nappy but still brought the potty through even though it was too late. I just don't think she is ready to not wear a nappy/pull ups at night time (but also admit I'd rather not have to start changing sheets all the time either!).

MoragG Wed 10-Oct-12 12:43:15

Just reporting back on this in case anyone is interested. We have found that lifting DD to wee when we go to bed seems to be working pretty well - she doesn't always do anything, but when she does she isn't then waking and coming through with the potty until after 6.30am (which is fine in comparison to 3.45am). She isn't very awake when we get her up, so there have been no issues with her going back to sleep almost immediately (so far anyway).

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