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Ds 5.5 still in night pull ups

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Bigwheel Tue 25-Sep-12 23:19:18

Hi all, just looking for some reassurance really. I know about this hormone by the age of 7 and the you can't train them thing. However I'm starting to wonder if we have more of an issue than most with 5.5 year old ds. Today for example he had a small glass of juice with his breakfast, was then at school where I believe he gets milk and another drink with lunch. After school he had a hot chocolate as a treat then a small glass of water with his dinner at 6. He went to bed at 8.30, had a big wee before hand. I have just been to check on him now and his pull up is already wet. When I took him to the toilet (out of interest, I don't normally lift him) he had another wee, so this is all between 8.30-11. How is it even possible to have so much wee inside him?!? I can count on one hand how many times his nappy has been dry in 5 years, never been a pattern to it. He can be quite lazy in nature, and I suspect he does sometimes prefer to wee in his nappy than get out of bed, especially in the morning. He's a very heavy sleeper though, whenever I have tried him without a pull up he just wees and carries on sleeping Soundly in it. His little sister who is 2.5 is dry most nights, however his cousin was about 12. I'm starting to really worry that he'll never grow out of it, or develop this hormone. He's not very self conscious of it at the moment but I think he will be soon and I'm already stressing about school trips overnight which they do around 7/8 years old around here. Sorry For the long post, I just would love some reassurance, advice or anything really. It's one of those things that no one seems to talk about in rl and I'm feeling very alone in it all.

TooBusyByHalf Wed 26-Sep-12 00:09:31

My dd wasn't dry at night until she was 7. The key thing we were taught by the clinic (min age 7 round here at least) was to make her drink loads in the day esp morning and until 4pm then less in the evening. They should be having a wee 4 times in the day at least and before bed. She was a v heavy sleeper which they insisted was nothing to do with it and which I didn't believe until now dd2 is the same, now 5.5, and she is a light sleeper but exactly the same problem - worse even. BTW DS, dd2's twin, was dry at night at 3; so it's just an individual thing. We are much more relaxed about dd2 knowing that when the time comes she will get dry. We did use one of the alarm things and that helped but 5 is too young for that IMO. Hope helps. Try not to worry about it.

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