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is dd ready?

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wildpoppy Tue 25-Sep-12 13:05:04

She's only 21 months but these are the signs she's showing:

- she tells me when she wants to do a wee or poo but sometimes she tells me after she's done it instead. She calls both of them poo poo though.
- she puts her teddy bear on the potty (but hasn;t yet sat on it herself.
- she's fascinated by me going to the toilet and likes to help by handing me loo roll.
- her wees have got fewer but bigger.

BUT - she's only 21 months. Too early? Second baby is due couple of days after she turns two so either want to do it now or wait until baby a few months old.

sanam2010 Tue 25-Sep-12 15:37:20

Definitely not too early!! It is a myth that you have to wait so long, in most cultures children are nappy free by that age, please read the threads on infant potty training. DD1 is 23 months and is nappy free since 18 months (no dirty nappies since she was 10 months, only potty). Simply bc DH is from a country where people hardly use nappies. I am not saying everyone must do it but just telling you as an example that it is def not too early, esp if she shows interest!! A lot of children have the ability to understand what a potty is for and want to be dry and I sometimes observe that it is parents who miss the slot while their toddlers are interested and then wonder later why it's taking long.

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