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Toddler looses potty training skills when knickers and bottoms are on!

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terror4Atoddler Mon 24-Sep-12 00:19:38

my 2yr 9month old is 2/3 months into potty training and is doing really well. at home with no knickers and/or skirt or dress she will go to the potty on her own accord with a 90% success rate. but the moment we put knickers on her she just pee's straight thru and even has accidents. i havent minded as it has been summer, but winter is approaching. need tips to getting her in knickers and trousers??? ive taken her out once in a skirt with no nappies and she was fine, even asked me togo toilet but not very comfortable doing that and it is getting to cold for skirt!!!!!

IvanaNap Mon 24-Sep-12 00:29:12

Do you practice putting pants on and off at other times? And can/does she dress herself? It will just be a matter of time before it clicks that pants on = wet feeling. Character pants can help (talking about keeping the character dry) and pull ups can confuse (as they are pretty much just like a nappy).

howiwonder Mon 24-Sep-12 09:55:55

terror I have just come on here to post pretty much exactly the same thing about DS (2.7mnths)!
he does brilliantly with wees and poos when pottering about the house with nothing on from the waist down, he has never had an accident since we started doing this. but as soon as pants go on, he just wets through them and says 'oh no the wees come out'! your DD sounds a bit ahead of him though, as I cant imagine taking him out wthout nappies and i really dont think he would actually ask for the toilet in that situation.
we will start practising pants up and down and getting dressed, youve made me realise we dont really do that Ivana. I just find it a bit frustrating that the recognition of the urge to go completely dissappears as soon as the willy is covered up!!

RubberNeckerNicker Mon 24-Sep-12 10:01:50

If you can bear it, stick with putting the pants on despite the accidents. It takes them 2 maybe 3 days and then it will click. Our nursery were very supportive with DS, despite 5 accidents on day 1 - they said stick with it, even though I was willing to throw in the towel! We had 3 accidents on day 2, 2 on day 3 and then he was done!

howiwonder Mon 24-Sep-12 21:10:02

we will try sticking with pants - but i dont have enough yet, will have to stock up and buy loads as ive a feeling we are going to need them!

terror4Atoddler Wed 26-Sep-12 19:09:49

thanks will try making a point of knickers up and down. it just gets so messy must admit i give up, but will go cold turkey and stick with it thanks!

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