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Is it emotional or physical?

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JuliaGulia Fri 21-Sep-12 13:50:23

My DD2.7 is having no end of trouble with her potty training.

It's all to do with her poos (no surprise there!)

Many months ago before we began potty training, she started to struggle to do a poo. She'd always been trying and most of the time there would only be a smudge or somthing small in her nappy. After taking her to the doctors we started her on Movicol and hoped that would be the end of it.

Over the last few months, we've noticed that she's still constantly trying to go for poo - the Movicol is only making it more messy. For days at a time she'll be freqently squatting (in public) and telling me she's doing a poo but nothing comes out. This can last for days until something finally more substantial emerges and then we have a couple of days poo free.

The issue is starting to delay her potty training because she's straining so often and wants her nappy of for her poos. I'm quite convinced that if only wee was concerned we would be dry by now.

She doesn't even want to wear pull ups because it's not her beloved nappy. I fear that she's started to make it an emotional issue too, constantly saying, 'my bottom's sore, I need a nappy on' then forgetting about it until she wants some more attention.

She has a good diet with loads of fruit and fibre (the same as her twin brother who has no such issues).

Nursery don't seem worried yet but I just fear that if we don't take the plunge soon and tell her that she's grown/run out of nappies, she'll still be in them when she's 5. Bit like her dummy (which she has at night) - she's happy to remain a baby for as long as possible.

I'm wondering if we should try some Lutulose (sp) instead as it should just help it come out without it being so wet.

I'm glad she's not demanding knickers and then pooing in them all day (loads of sympathy for those in that position) - she's even said knickers are scary which was really sad to hear.

Sorry, going on a bit now but I just don't know what to do.

Please, please give me your thoughts/suggestions/advice.

Thanks loads in advance,

HiggsBoson Fri 21-Sep-12 14:48:09

My sympathies - it's really stressful isn't it!

No answers I'm afraid. Our DD, also 2.7 has been poo witholding since we started potty training three months ago. She has been prescribed senna, which has been messy to say the least!

We have finally got to the stage where she is pooing every day and she will ask for a nappy on to do the poo and then goes back into knickers - she is 100% dry and will happily wee on potties or toilets confused

This is a big move forward for us as she was a knicker-pooer before that - next step is to try to over come this fear of pooing in the potty!

Sorry I can't advise - there are loads of MNers with much experience in this subject who should be able to help, but sometimes it's just nice to know you're not alone smile

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