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Bathroom Light?

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TiddlerCat Tue 25-Oct-11 12:21:39

Hello wise ones
Does anyone have any good ideas about bathroom lights and toddlers? Ours is a light switch (rather than a pull) and therefore DS cannot reach it...?

girlywhirly Tue 25-Oct-11 13:18:27

You can get press on, press off lights from DIY stores which are battery powered, we had one for our understairs cupboard until we had a light fitted. It was reasonably bright, would be safe enough for a toddler, I think there are childrens' ones for use as nightlights. Do you have a landing light on during the night which might give light into the bathroom, or another landing alternative is a plug in light for a socket, these turn on using a light sensor; too dark and they come on, in daylight they go off.

Probably the safest alternative would be to have your bathroom light wired for a pull cord.

Tianc Tue 25-Oct-11 14:13:24

Glow in the dark toilet seat?

TiddlerCat Tue 25-Oct-11 16:09:18

The glow in the dark website is awesome!

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