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Potty training; is this normal?

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shelsco Sun 23-Oct-11 11:21:17

I'm trying to potty train my DS who is 2 and a half. After a few accidents, I left his pants off and we played with his toys next to his potty so i could grab him and put him on the potty as soon as he started to wee but i was a bit concerned to find that he seems to dribble little bits (sorry, i know it sounds disgusting!) for ages before doing a proper wee. Is this because he's not ready and hasn't got proper control or is it a sign that something is wrong? Has anyone else come across this? He's the youngest of 4 and the others all had accidents but they were proper wees (and sometimes worse!)not constant little dribbles! Don't know whether this is something I should be getting checked out or not! Any help would be gratefully received.

BlackCatinaWitchesHatonaBroom Sun 23-Oct-11 13:08:01

It might be that he is noticing that he is doing a wee and stops because he is worried. I think my dd may be doing this today.

AngelDog Sun 23-Oct-11 22:03:43

My 21 m.o. DS does this all the time when bare-bottomed. I find it incredibly irritating. He has brilliant bladder control and does tiny wees at will. Other times it's because he realises he's going, stops himself and then does a bit more later.

I've been pottying him since he was 8 months old - he used to just do big wees, but since he got better bladder control he's been doing the dribble thing.

shelsco Sun 23-Oct-11 23:42:29

My DH thought the same thing, that he has bladder control and is stopping himself from going as when he gets in bath he just opens the floodgates and lets it all go! i was worried that it was the opposite and had no control at all. Not sure whether to persevere or to leave it for a bit. He had 5 'accidents' tonight after tea, 4 little dribbles then a huge wee! Have tried bribing with a sweet for a wee on potty etc but he doesn't seem to get it! Don't know that the washing machine can take much more...

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