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So how many accidents is about average?

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Kingsroadie Mon 17-Oct-11 13:11:36

My daughter is 22, nearly 23months. She tells me when she poos and often when she wees in her nappy, and wants them changed, she says that wees go in the loo or potty. She understand Mummy and Daddy doing poos and wees on the loo.

I have a potty and have been sitting her on it from time to time, and she has done some wees in it. We have GF potty book as a guide.

Yesterday I decided, as we were staying in all day, to try her without a nappy just to see where she was at. She did 11 wees, 8 of which were in the potty, 2 or 3 of which she took herself to the potty for, and a couple she told me about first and a poo which she also took herself to the potty for. So 3 accidents in the first day, all in the morning - none in the afternoon. So I decided to keep going as that seemed like a fairly positive first day.

We take the wee wees or poo and flush them down the loo - she helps pour them in and flushes the loo herself and gets a sticker.

This morning we have had 4 wees, three of which wee accidents. But I must qualify the first two were not her "fault". The first one I was upstairs just getting dressed quickly and she wanted to stay downstairs. I asked if she needed a wee, sat her on potty, now wee, I wen up, she weed and then told me. Second time: I had to take the car to the garage, (didn't put a nappy on as don't want to confuse her - I think all or nothing ), the journey took longer than I expected and she said she needed a wee but then wouldn't use her potty (travel potty hasn't arrived and we only have a small one she didn't like from the word go) in the street - I don't blame her. Then about 15 mins later when we were walking home had weed in her buggy (had a towel down). So wasn't really her fault as we were out and it's the second day!

She then took herself to the potty and did a poo (I was on the phone) and then had a wee accident just after being sat on potty. So same amount of accidents as yesterday (but two weren't really her fault) and she seems to get the poo thing.

I am just wondering whether this is about normal? I don't care if she is trained yet but it seems silly to ignore it when she did so well yesterday. She also has a cold and I am having a minor teeth op on Friday so not ideal timing but I also don't want to miss the window and I am not making a big deal out it or anything. Just thought I would give it a go and if she doesn't want to do it then back to nappies as she is pretty young still.

Any comments/advice from people who have/are potty training would be much appreciated - does she sound like she is ready? My mother thinks she is!

notnowbernard Mon 17-Oct-11 13:17:57

Well I am a reluctant potty-trainer so reading your OP makes me think No Way

DD1 did well initially but then regressed loads of times until finally getting it (ie 99% of the time) by about 4 and a bit

DD2 - I waited until she asked (was about 2 and a half) and I swear I can count the no. of accidents she's had (poo and wee) on the fingers of 1 hand. In fact probably less than that (she's 5 now)

For me the constant asking and having to take to the potty doesn't indicate readiness. I spent my life asking dd1 if she needed a wee <rocks at memory>

Half the time she was grand, the other half it was total hit and miss

All fine when you're at home but when out and about.... draining

Can you tell I'm scarred grin

Kingsroadie Mon 17-Oct-11 13:31:38

Yes well that's sort of what I am thinking - why do it to myself! My mother says that's normal when potty training but of course they all trained at about this age and apparently my brother turned two, she took his nappies off and within a week he was done. But I am just wondering if I leave it a bit later will it just be easier?

She needs to be trained by the time she starts nursery in Sept next year so that isn't an issue yet. To be honest we haven't got much on this week and next I will be recovering (it's teeth so should be fine just a bit weak due to minimal food) and therefore in the house more than usual. So when in the house it seems silly though not to try. I mean, the first day, out of 8 wees 4/5 were of her own volition and 3 were me asking her. Which I thought wasn't too bad. You see, I have no idea what is "good" and what is "bad" (or not so good grin ) re accidents. Obv if I wait til 2.5 and she does it in days with v few accidents then that is preferable, but of course, one never knows what will happen!

The GF book says sometimes the first 2 days are awful and the third day it starts to click a bit more... Perhaps I will reassess on Weds and make an executive decision!

Thanks notnowbernard - this is the kind of thing I wanted to hear from the old hands! I like the sound of your DD2's training...

notnowbernard Mon 17-Oct-11 13:54:10

Good luck grin

The dd2 route was oh so easy

The baby will be left to sort himself out too

Honestly, dd2 took no reminding, no hassling, no bribing... was on the toilet within a fortnight

It was the constant "Do you need a wee? Are you SURE you don't need a wee? C'mon, let's go and do a wee" that did my head in. Every hour of every day for what felt like aeons...

But your dd may well crack it in the next few days. They're all different, after all smile

Kingsroadie Mon 17-Oct-11 13:59:52

Ha grin Thanks...

That makes it sound (potentially) so easy.

Yes I can't bear sounding like a broken record of wee questions. Doing my head in. I am thinking about not asking and seeing what happens (in the house of course - am not a total masochist). Perhaps that will indicate whether she IS really ready or not!?

notnowbernard Mon 17-Oct-11 14:03:05

I think not asking will give a genuine indication of readiness

Also, leave knickers/trousers etc ON - lots of people leave them bottomless, which I agree helps them - BUT can lead to lots of accidents once they're dressed. (My DD1 never, ever wet herself when bottomless)

Kingsroadie Mon 17-Oct-11 14:44:44

Yes I have been leaving her without pants on (as she isn't great at pulling the down and I think she wouldn't have managed those wees and poos where she took herself to the potty if she had had pants on...). Was planning on going 2/3 days minus pants and then progressing to pants if I decided to keep going with it!

Anyway I bet with my "not asking" technique I will be reporting back 0% potty success rate by this evening grin

Thanks for your help (so far!)

Kingsroadie Mon 17-Oct-11 20:35:27

Notnow - just thought I would update you (in case you are interested hmm )

So, as you know, I decided not to prompt her or ask her if she needed a wee etc in a bid to discover if she is actually ready, expecting a low success rate! She was naked from the waist down. BUT she did 7 wees - she drinks loads - (and a poo in three lots, each flushed - she enjoys that) and all but one wee were in the potty. She just went over and sat on it and did what she needed too without me saying a word. So I was quite impressed and am starting to think in fact she is ready (whereas this morning I wasn't so sure anymore).

The one wee she did in her pants was just that - she was wearing pants and trousers as we had just got back from the post office. And was playing getting in and out of her buggy so was distracted. She doesn't seem to get yet that pants don't equal nappy. But I'll let her off as she has rarely worn them without a nappy and we are only on her second day! And she told me as soon as she did it. Does she sound ready?! I am starting to think actually she is, after this afternoon's performance...

Shaz2011 Mon 17-Oct-11 20:38:53

This is normal the thing is u shouldn't compare as some pick it up quicker than others keep going as she seems like she might be ready as she is telling when she has done a poo or wee & she wants it changed trust me I have been doing it for months & it seems like we r getting somewhere now but if u can't handle doing it right now than maybe it's best to wait until u can be consistent I hope this helps

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