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"Bye bye stomach"....

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Dinamit Sat 15-Oct-11 23:59:45

This is what my 3 yr old DS repeats every day now. We are in wk 3 of potty triaining, and like my others, have had luck with wees but not with poos. Initially, he would poo in his pants/pull ups but now I think he realises he should do it on the potty, and when he feels the urge doesn't let go saying "bye bye stomach" instead.

It's really worrying, I don't want him to develop a problem. I've seen my niece go through that to the point that even at 5-6 yrs old, she would scream on the toilet because she made herself constipated and was in pain.

We give DS plenty or reassurance and praise him when he wees on the potty. We have bought books like "everyone poos" etc, and frankly don't know why he is so embarassed by the whole think (ie we never embarassed him, made him feel guilty or got angry).

Does anyone have ANY suggestions? Are there any mums who came out at the other end??

Anything welcome!

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