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potty disaster- please help :( 3yo

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namechanges Sat 15-Oct-11 10:40:21

a bit of background:
DS will be 3yo in less than a month. He has a slight speech delay (he was almost deaf untl 2yo, then had a surgery which fixed it). he goes to nursery every day from 07:45-17:30. he is very clever and funny. about three weeks ago he refused to put on a nappy, so we thought it would be a great chance to start potty training. he is without nappies during waking hours, but wakes up dry.

we have tried for a week without pants (just trousers), but the nursery insisted we put pants on him.

it started out OK-ish. he said every time he needed to poo, but had a few accidents when it comes to peeing. he has also had several days at nursery when he didn't have a single accidents. if I see him scratching his groin or fiddling with his willy, I know he's about to wee so I tell him to go use the potty/toilet, of course we make a huge fuss everytime he goes (cheering, saying how clever he is, clapping, he then spills it in to the toilet, flushes, then dances and sings).

we are three weeks into it, and he still has a lot of accidents- most of them wee. usually it's right after I tell him to use the potty and he says he doesn't need to. since last night he didn't use the potty once, and has had poo and pee accidents (again, after we have talked about going to the potty). i tried using a sticker chart this morning, and of course it resulted in a huge accident. every time I try talking to him about this he just pretends to not hear me or focuses on something else.

It is now, of course, starting to get to me which I hate- tried to be cool and collected about this but now I feel like a complete failure as a parent.

What am I doing wrong?! sad

NikkiTwinkle Sat 15-Oct-11 17:33:49

I didn't want to leave your post. You're not doing anything wrong, it's more than likely the novilty has worn off. My son did this (can't remember how long after we trained him) but it's really quite normal.

I'm not sure what advise to give other than keep going and try not to let it get too you too much. Does he like sweeties, choc or other treat you could bribe him with? or does he have a fav character, try saying if he has a week with no accidents he can have something!

Sorry not sure what other advice to give you.
Good luck

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