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Seven wees in a row!

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silkenladder Thu 13-Oct-11 12:41:19

I've been preparing for potty training by taking DD's nappy and trousers off once she's home for the day, so from 4 pm or so. I put pants on her as did have one poo-on-carpet incident.

She has started to produce wees when I put her on the potty (as long as she needs to go) and when she does so, I let her empty the potty into the loo and flush it. However, yesterday she did a wee, we emptied the potty, rinsed it, wiped her bottom and flushed the loo. Then she said "[DD] do another wee", sat down and did one, we emptied, rinsed, wiped and flushed. "[DD] do another wee", same procedure. She managed seven small wees before it finally ran out hmm.

An hour or so later, when DH came home, she shot straight to the bathroom, shouting "[DD] show Daddy how you can do a wee" (she hasn't quite sorted out pronouns yet). This time she managed three in a row.

I think this is probably a sign that it's time to go cold turkey and leave the nappies off, but is there something I can do to encourage DD to do one big wee instead of seven small ones? Apart from anything else, flushing the loo so many times is a phenomenal waste of water.

silkenladder Fri 14-Oct-11 09:06:56

Update from yesterday: DD did one wee soon after she was home after I asked her to. Fortunately she did the whole lot in one go, so although she tried to go again immediately after, nothing more came out.

About an hour later she did a massive wee on the floor and that was it for the day. I suggested she try again straight after tea and once more before bed, but although she sat on the potty and tried to wee, nothing came.

I would love to know whether cold turkey training has worked for other children who can go on cue, but never announce themselves that they need to go. Anyone have experience of this?

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