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Now he is 7 what should I do?

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Haystack Wed 12-Oct-11 23:13:41

Our ds is now 7 and has never had a dry night, ever. We have tried intermittently for years to night train but, pull ups, no pull ups, lifting him, limiting evening drinks, only letting him drink recommended drinks whilst making sure he is fully hydrated, nothing helps and he often leaks through his pull ups. He was referred to the local incontinence service this time last year but they pretty much said he would grow out of it. Should we ask to be referred again now he has passed the magic 7yrs old threshold or just keep waiting for him to grow out of it? He is very relaxed about it, changes his own bed and cleans himself, has never worried that his younger sister has been dry for years, however he doesn't want to do sleepovers as he doesn't want his friends to know. We don't want to make a fuss or make him anxious about this, but I do worry we are not doing enough.

Any tips appreciated!

cazboldy Wed 12-Oct-11 23:19:13


no personal experience of this, but my best friends little boy - he is 9 still wets most nights. He has medication now and again, although he can't stay on this long term, but it does allow him to do sleep overs or if they go on holiday etc.

If it was me i would go back and ask for more help, they can use alarms and all sorts, some things work better for some people than others.

Good Luck

don't know how helpful i have been, but didn't want to read and not post x

workshy Wed 12-Oct-11 23:21:32

go back for a refferal

some areas it's 7, some 8 but he needs help to sort it now, especially if his PJ pants are leaking

they can be really helpful and I know a few people that have had boys with the same issue

hope you get it sorted out :-)

startail Wed 12-Oct-11 23:23:23

I'm sure on of DDs friends quietly took some thing the first time she to stay at about 8. She was also very careful what she drank.

theITgirl Wed 12-Oct-11 23:35:25

I probably can't help much, but a lot of DS's friends were still not reliable at 7 and one in particular was very like your DS. He is now grown out of it, but used a sensor and alarm to wake him up - not sure what it is called though.

My main reason to post was to reassure you about the sleepover situation, DS never realised how long his friend wore pyjama pants for. Boys would get changed into pyjamas, then later on in the evening the pyjama pants would be put on. I used to have to prompt DS's friend as he was always hopeful that this night would be the dry night, however I was always discreet so DS would not notice. Also would do a late night reminder about going to the loo for everyone. This would be even easier if you hosted the sleepover.

Besides the nights are so much shorter on a sleepover!!!

BTW DS's friend didn't use pyjama pants every night just on nights when the clean bedding would be an issue, either due to embarrasment or staying in someone else's house.

girlywhirly Thu 13-Oct-11 07:31:22

You are a year on from the referral, so I think it's fine to ask for another, especially as there has been no change since then.

anniemac Thu 13-Oct-11 11:35:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Haystack Thu 13-Oct-11 17:29:21

Thanks for the replies, I will ask for a referral back and maybe look at alarms as he is an extremely deep sleeper. It is good to know that sleepovers can be managed in the future, but he is definitely not ready yet as he wets through his pull ups most nights even though I wake him to lift him in the middle of the night.

Good to know he is not the only one and will probably have grown out of it before his teens!

Solenzara Wed 19-Oct-11 09:49:54

My DS has the same problem. he doesn't get bothered by it unless it a new sleepover friend. However, I am concerned about how long it will go on for - he's about to turn 7. His elder brother had no problems at all. Have never gone to anyone about it 'coz I didn't want him to go on drugs. Does anyone know where I can find out more about the alarm thing? Thanks!

tostaky Fri 21-Oct-11 21:51:46

i used to wet my bed until i was sleepover too... i remember i had to spend some time in the hospital yard unit for the appenciditis and i was super careful not to wet my bed... that was the only time i actually really tried nt to wet my bed. at home, it was different, i would wet my bed and finish the night in my parents bed, so for me it was ok (of course my mum was mad).

During my week or two in hosp for appenciditis i did made some progress but still was wetting my bed. then when i came back home my mum wrote me a little " i love you" note and put it under my pillow and i was so happy i dont think i wet my bed since.

All the tests i did at the doctor/hospital for my bed wetting didnt come to anything... for me it was more about being sure my parents loved me, wetting my bed was a way to ensure id get lots of cuddles during the night.
it ended with my mum i love you note.

what i want to say is that maybe there is a psychological cause to it? it may be very different from my personal experience, but if theres nothing wrong with his bladder, you may want to explore that route?

We had a neighbour, same age as me, and he wet his bed until he was 18 or something!!!!

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