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Potty training and trips in the car

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Biscuitsandtea Wed 12-Oct-11 17:19:26


Just wondered, when potty training, is there anything I can do for an extra layer of protection when DS goes in the car? We're yet to leave the house in pants, but figured I ought to be prepared (in the vain hope that it will happen one day!).

Obviously we would try going before leaving the house etc, and will probably take some sort of potty in the car in case of emergency 'stop' requirements, but just wondered if there was anything I could do to protect the car seat in case of any accidents?

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated smile


belindarose Wed 12-Oct-11 17:35:22

I unfold a nappy and put it on the car seat. Also, for long trips or difficult places, I do put a nappy on over knickers. This stops her 'wanting' to wee in her knickers, as she knows she's got them on, but gives the necessary protection if she can't help it. Some might think this is confusing, but hasn't seemed a problem for us.

notcitrus Wed 12-Oct-11 17:44:13

We avoided the car for the worst couple weeks, and then used pants but had me in the back next to him so I could ask him if he needed the potty as soon as he squeaked - and MrNC pulled over ASAP, we unloaded child and potty to the pavement, he weed, wee tipped in gutter, back in car.

We have put an old sheet/cloth down under him for longer journeys when he was adamant he didn't want a nappy. So far have only had to deal with a couple sick incidents, which meant getting the whole cover off the car seat.

Biscuitsandtea Wed 12-Oct-11 17:50:41

Hmmm, not sure I could totally avoid the car for very long. I mean I can do a lot without the car and perhaps try to arrange play dates at our house so people come to us I guess. But we do go swimming every week and I wouldn't want him to have to miss that, but it is a definite car journey. Like the idea of a sheet or nappy for journeys though. I guess it all depends if he's managed to do anything before we go out? Although at the moment he seems to do about 8 wees in 2 hours and then nothing for about 4 hours?

AND he's just wee'd all over my TV unit sadangryshock. He knows he's not supposed to stand right in front of the TV but I'm not sure I could take him weeing on the Sky plus box confused

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