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Potty trained but freaks out w nappy on at sleep times

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oinkyoink Wed 12-Oct-11 12:01:35

My little girl potty trained last week it went well and quite quickly. She is 27 months old. Whenever I put a nappy on for her nap or bed time, she will start screaming after 10 minutes to go wee wee or poo poo as she feels she can't go in the nappy any more.... Is this normal? It;s driving me a bit crazy even though I can see the logic of it. Obv it just feels weird to her to go in a nappy now that she knows about the potty.

Any advice??

bananamam Wed 12-Oct-11 12:08:59

Totally normal...DS refused a nappy after toilet training...a week start to finish!!

DD trained at 22 months in the day and at 24 months said no nappy at night so we just did it. She has had the odd accident. If in doubt you can always rouse her enough and lift her for a wee before you go to bed too and as soon as you hear her in the morning run straight in and put her on the potty as they usually wee fist thing.

Tell her where the potty is in her room so if she wakes up she can go. I quite often find a wee in the potty and have never heard DD even wake!! But she must!

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