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we started in august, it went well, now it's all fallen apart - HELP

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masuki Tue 11-Oct-11 17:16:50

we were going great, its all gone horribly wrong- poos and wees on floor, in pants all the time, the only way it works is with bare botty and I physically take him every hour.

I have just coped with second batch of poo on floor/legs today and put child back in nappy. Heartbroken! They just don't seem to be getting it - shall I perservere or give up? Child is 3 and about to start nursery where they need to be potty trained sad

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 11-Oct-11 18:22:57

Oh no. sad How horrible and frustrating. We started in august too (after a horrible earlier attempt at easter) and DS1 has regressed. Can the nursery actually stipulate that a 3 yo is out of nappies? 3 isn't that old - plenty of later trainees on this board.

I got cross today and had to apologise, and we're back to the old regime of reminding every so often, treats if he remembers to go in time, and I'm trying to remain cool about it. Even though the sofa has just been soaked. hmm

Reading some of the threads here, this regression seems to be very common, and it sorts itself out again. I wonder if it's an attention thing? Will try to remember to be a boring mummy robot, and also get him to put his wet things in the washing machine and help mop up. NOt much else I can do, really.

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