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Could really do with some opinions please!

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1mum1 Mon 10-Oct-11 20:12:47

I have been doing first stages of potty training with my 22 mth old for a good few months now and she has been pooing and weeing no probs on potty and even saying, if i changed her in loos while out, 'wee wee potty' which i was surprised about and explained that didnt have potty with me etc!

So, all going well and while in book shop noticed GF one week training book and thought i'd go for it. Over first 2 days she did really well and only had 2 accidents each day (this seems brilliant to me). So, of course tons of praise etc. but on second day she got hysterical with upset that she had done a wee in training pants. Really upset as if she had been a very naughty girl. I made total light of it was positive etc but then she woke crying in the night (wearing regular nappy) hysterically again saying 'i've weed, 'i've weed, oh dear, oh dear' poor little love. it totally broke my heart so we've gone straight back to morning and night potty times and she has been happy with this and been pooing and weeing again at these times.

So, sorry this is far too long, but i'm thinking she is so with it with her talking and the asking for the potty but is she too young to understand other elements? is she emotionally not ready to understand for example that at nightime its nappies on etc? It was a heatbreaking but fascinating time over the past few days and its interesting that she can seem so clever mentally but its really taught me that there is so much more to it. Hope i have not mentally scarred the poor little love!

Thanks for reading and hope anyone with a similar expereience can proffer an opinion? xx

sleeplessinderbyshire Tue 11-Oct-11 19:07:36

my DD is 25 months and has started doing some wees and poos on the potty and taking her nappy off and running to the potty if we are at home. She too wakes repeatedly overnight saying she's weed or that she needs to wee (still in nappies all the time) from talking to friends this seems very very common (and in many ways is a good thing as they can tell they are wet so will eventually be dry at night)

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