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should we keep going?

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rhetorician Sun 09-Oct-11 19:39:30

DD is 2.8 and we have been sort of training her for a few weeks now. We made little progress, but the last few days she has let us know that she needs a wee, and today (hallelujah smile managed in the potty, twice, although everything else was an accident). She has also been asking to go to the toilet usually after she has done a poo. This was all initiated by her. By about 4pm today though, she was tired and asked for a nappy. I think she finds it quite stressful at some level.

There are some issues: the main one is lack of nursery support, so she goes back into nappies Mon, Weds, and Fri morning. I have been letting her run around without at home, although I did tell her that if she wasn't willing to sit on the potty and at least try, she could go back to nappies. I think she is completely ready, and if we could just go cold turkey then she'd have it more or less sorted in a few days - we can't do this until the end of the month.

Shall we just carry on following her lead on this, at least until we have a clear run of a few days? I need to talk to nursery again, as they surely must offer some kind of support to toddlers making the transition to nappy-free, even if they have actually been trained at home?

Nevercan Sun 09-Oct-11 21:30:53

Nursery should definately be helping with this. I told my nursery that we had started potty training and although dd1 was in a nappy they sat her on the potty a couple of times a day to try and wee. Then we did more training at home and then sent her in in her knickers with loads of changes of clothes and they just encouraged her and changed her as needed.

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