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Should we give up and try again later or is it likely to get better soon?

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attethersend Fri 07-Oct-11 17:22:03

DS1 is not quite 2.5 and we've been giving potty training a go this week in the hope of getting it done before I go back to work and before the weather gets too cold. This is day 4 and we seem to be going backwards.

Day 1 we had no accidents at all, but we did remind him a lot (and he'd already pooed in his nappy before we started in the morning).
Day 2 we reminded him less and had a few accidents as expected.
Day 3 he refused to go on the potty even when we reminded him and then went in his pants a couple of minutes later.
Day 4 wees have been ok (if we keep nagging him every 45 mins) but poos still in pants despite frequent reminders.

He clearly has some degree of control and will wee on demand in the potty, but he very rarely volunteers that he needs to go. He also has never managed a poo anywhere other than in his pants (in spite of me stalking him and asking every 5 mins because I was sure from body language that he needed to go).

We have tried offering him stickers/buttons etc as an incentive but if you ask him what he needs to do when he feels he needs to do a wee/poo, instead of saying anything about going to the potty he becomes evasive/wanders off/becomes interested in a toy and won't answer the question. On the whole his language is pretty good and he's quite good at grasping fairly complex ideas (though following instructions depends a lot on his mood) so I don't know whether this is because he genuinely doesn't recognise when he needs to go so doesn't understand what we're asking him to do or because he just can't be bothered to do it even though he understands.

Either way my feeling is he's not ready and we should call it a day and try again in a few months but DH thinks we should carry on and give him a bit longer to catch on (but then he gets to go back to work in a couple of days and he doesn't do the washing!).

What do others think?

TheLadyEvenstar Fri 07-Oct-11 21:13:41

I did the same with DS1 and it took a while.

DS2 I allowed to tell me when he was ready and he was dry in a day.

I would say let him lead the way. HTH

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