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Younger child fully toilet trained before older one - please reassure me older one will do it!

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thedevilsinthedogstail Thu 06-Oct-11 10:52:54

We have 2 DD and the older one (3.5yrs) will still only poo in a nappy - no amount of cajoling, encouraging, pointing out how it is cleaner etc has made any difference. Indeed I know now it has made it worse and she has dug her heels in about it.

Meanwhile the younger one (2 and 1/4 yrs) is within 3 weeks fully potty trained and dry completely at night- indeed I think she could not wee in a nappy - would not want to whereas older one has a very wet nappy in the morning and seems not to mind either wet or poo nappy.

I know we have to just wait and she will eventually go to the toilet (she does wee in the toilet) but I just wondered if someone else has had this and when did their child grow out of it?

I know now not to make any comment, not to compare her to her younger sister etc etc but it is the waiting that is frustrating for us as we know she could do it.

words of wisdom/experience please

chuckeyegg Thu 06-Oct-11 22:06:23

My advice is don't stess about it and it will happen naturally. Eventually she will see that nappies are uncomfortable and messy. My DS has autism and I used the no pressure method and he did it in his own good time, with no problems.

Putting pressure on definately has an adverse effect for some children.

HTH xx

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