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27 months - good at home, variable at nursery

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verybusyspider Wed 05-Oct-11 10:54:44

ds3 went into pants about 6 weeks ago, this is the first time we've done potty training whilst I've been working. Before we started I knew nursery did things slightly differently - they have to they have more children, I knew he'd be reminded to go less, the first couple of weeks were good, they took him to the potty every hour, the problem they've always had is poos, he won't sit for long enough at nursery in bathroom area as too much to do and see (I guess thats normal?!?) he was also very very motivated by stickers - nursery were happy to do this at first.
The past couple of weeks he's been a disaster at nursery, T times refusing to go to potty then having accidents, his success rate varies from day to day, sometimes he gets through 5 changes of clothes other times 1 or 2, at home we have no problems.
Nursery now won't do stickers as they've since decided its unfair on the other children, they are looking to me for advice, I have no idea... I don't want to do 50:50 nappies as I think he'll go backwards at home but its not nice for nursery to have to do so much clearing up... any advice??

girlywhirly Wed 05-Oct-11 13:46:14

My DS' nursery used to have a couple of potties in the toddler room, as they found it was a bit far to get newly training DC through the pre-school room to the bathroom area. No shortage of things to watch while sitting! But they weren't allowed to play with any toys until they were finished and hands washed.

Perhaps a potty in the room would work, he won't feel he's missing anything and will sit for long enough?

verybusyspider Wed 05-Oct-11 21:08:18

The nursery is purpose built so has a bathroom area to one end of the 2-3's room and they have provided a potty for him (they're are about 8 out at the moment and 3 infant toilets) there is a potty book but he's getting less interested in looking at it, they also have the no toy rule as well which make perfect sense...
I'm not sure if he could have a potty in the room but I could ask, it makes no odds on distance for him to get too but it would be more to look at

girlywhirly Thu 06-Oct-11 08:05:12

If it makes the difference between pooing in the potty and pooing in his pants I know which I'd choose if I were the nursery nurse who had to change him!

verybusyspider Thu 06-Oct-11 20:03:56

hmmm nope they won't have potties outside of the bathroom area, I do understand that but am at a loss as to what to suggest, on reflection he will often bring the potty out of our bathroom so he's not missing out of anything... any ideas?? maybe something else - different book?? - to look at on potty

girlywhirly Fri 07-Oct-11 15:24:24

Could he sit at the threshold just inside the bathroom door at nursery, just so that he can see into the room while on the potty?

He's still very young, I think his key worker could be helping him a bit more. At least if they are very busy she can keep an eye on him at the bathroom door if she has other DC to supervise at the same time. I think they could take him to the loo more frequently, and definitely if there is another toddler who needs the potty, so that they could sit together. (Might be a bit more incentive to stay sitting if there's someone else there.)

verybusyspider Sun 09-Oct-11 13:52:53

yes it did work quite well when they took him frequently but I think we need to get how to get him to sit for long enough to have a poo sorted, he will have several wee accidents leading up to having a poo, and I have told them the time of day he poos at home (this is the same time he has his accidents at nursery) but not much success at nursery.
You're right he is still young but doing so well at home, its tricky to know what to do for the best - can they be 'ready' at home and not out and about?

girlywhirly Sun 09-Oct-11 14:21:40

It is possible to be entirely comfortable with going on the potty at home and being uncomfortable about pooing elsewhere, in fact some DC will hold on desperately until they are at home. This is probably why he has wetting accidents, because he's trying to hold back and the full rectum is confusing the signals, or perhaps he thinks if he sits on the potty for a wee he will have to poo as well.

I think that there could be a real problem potentially if nursery don't do something to help. I'm talking about chronic constipation, with even worse wetting and soiling, stool softening and laxative medication etc.

Do you think providing DS with an identical potty to his own one at home might help?

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