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options for reluctant trainer 2.5

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LifeIsButtercream Tue 04-Oct-11 18:05:17

DD is nearly 2and a half and, lets say, not very keen on the idea of potty training, i.e:

- hates having her nappy off - asks for it back on every few minutes (we sometimes experiment with nappy-off time, which she rarely agrees to, just to help her get used to being nappy-less/have a chance to try on her 'big girl pants')

- if she does eventually get that nappy off - she won't sit on her potty

- she almost reacts like she is scared of the whole thing - we encountered some toddler training loo seats at playgroup the other week while I was changing her - she asked what they were, I told her and offered her a try on them - she didn't want to and got really upset (I didn't push her - just a casual "would DD like a go?")

I've tried to make the idea fun, we went shopping, picked pants and a potty, been reading books etc, I have a feeling that she has some control (dry nappies for long stretches during the day/naps, knows when she is poo-ing), although if she has a wee accident she gets quite upset (again, I've not made a big deal of it!) and I think nappies are so absorbant that she doesn't notice being wet.

She is very verbal, and quite mature for her age, and she is desperate to start dancing classes with her friends, but she'd need to be "fully potty trained" to be allowed to start in the 2-3 class sad

I feel like we have two options 1) go cold turkey, with lots of encouragement, ignore the "I want my nappy on" demands, epic praise for potty attempts and probably scar her for life or 2) wait for her to come round to the idea, although I know her and she is a stubborn little thing - I have the suspicion that she has decided that nappies are an easy route.............

Any advice? confused

MrsVidic Wed 05-Oct-11 05:01:08

I wouldn't do it until she is ready or you'll have the hardest tome and you'll
Both be miserable. Can you have more play dates with potty trained kids and let dd watch- my dd loves showing others what to do on the potty and is 2.

NunTheWiser Wed 05-Oct-11 05:06:57

Leave it. She doesn't sound ready and you'll just set things back by trying to force it. None of my three were toilet trained before 3.5 which is completely normal! Our local parenting association had some very interesting and reassuring stats for us. Only 40% of 3 year olds are toilet trained but by 4 years old, over 90% are toilet trained.

LifeIsButtercream Fri 07-Oct-11 21:01:46

Thanks for the advice smile

I think I'll wait until DD is really keen on the idea (provided she is trained by the time she is going to school!) - at the moment she is starting to tell me occasionally when she is wee-ing in her nappy, and sometimes asks to sit on the potty (on a whim) but not doing anything on there - I'll let her take the lead!

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