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Lazy mummy holding him back?

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staylucky Mon 03-Oct-11 00:25:00

DS is 2.3 and unexpectedly began taking off his nappy and using the potty (had one lying around for a while) he now gets up every morning rips off his nappy and follows his dad into the loo and uses the toilet. He generally will go again on the loo before we leave for the school run.
Ive bought lots of big grown up pants which he loves wearing but has yet to successfully pull off and use the potty or loo. He seems to only like taking off a nappy to wee.
Im sahm so have done a fair bit of following him around constantly asking if he wants a wee but tbh I can't really be bothered there's more to life! So am more often than not just putting nappies back on and praising him like mad whenever he uses the loo.
My DD was out of nappies a week before she started nursery and pretty much had just a handful of accidents because she was more than ready. I'm a bit tempted to do the same for DS but then DD never showed any urge to rid herself of nappies independantly.

I guess I'm worried that holding him back by not going all out now. Any advice?? We have #3 due in a few months also so am unsure whether I should making more effort to have DS dry now before the rush of nursery next sept and the chaos of a newborn.

girlywhirly Tue 04-Oct-11 14:45:28

You could just leave him pantless in the house, he can go to the loo himself without having to struggle with pants. Do you mean that he will take a nappy off to wee, but will just wet pants, in which case it might work. I can't see that pull-ups will be any easier for him to manage, although they will absorb accidents.

You could give it a go, he might lose interest and go back to wetting or he may decide that you don't want him to use the loo and that would be a backward step. I would urge you to get him to tell you when he needs the loo when he's dressed so that you can help him with his clothes. I think he's doing quite well realising before he wets that he needs the loo, tbh. I think it would be a shame not to give him the chance, even though it feels like hard work while you're PG.

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