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Doing brilliantly with wees - poos a different story.

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littleduck Sun 02-Oct-11 17:55:21

We have been potty training DD for 2 weeks. She is doing really well with wees, very few accidents now (only 1 over this weekend) and will come up and say when she wants to go.

Poos unfortunately are a different story. She had, for a short while whilst still in nappies, had a patterns of doing a number of skid-marky type poos over an afternoon, say, then finally doing a bigger poo. This had stopped by itself so we had thought perhaps she had been mildly constipated for a bit and it had sorted itself out.

The problem has started again since she has been in pants. Sometimes she will tell you when she thinks she is about to go but there is a skid-marky poo already in there, sometimes she farts and you find a skid marky poo has come out with it, sometimes she says nothing at all and the smell gives it away. Skid marky poos not runny, more soft and sticky in texture.

She hasn't done what I'd call a decent big poo for about 5 days when she did a ginormous one which started when she was in the bath. She did a small/medium one yesterday, knew she was going to do it and just sat on the loo until it came out, bless her.

We've notice her jiggling about and seems to be trying to stop herself pooing, or she may be in the loo having a wee and will then suddenly start to cry and will arch her back and lift up her hips - again looks like she is trying to stop a poo coming out by lifting the hips as sitting with her bottom down on the loo would naturally increase the urge to go.

We went to visit GP who prescribed lactulose, started about a week ago, seemed to get rid of the skid marky poos for a few days until just before the massive one, when she had a bunch of them in a short space of time. In view of the massive poo which came out later, looks like she just couldn't hold it all in and some was escaping bit by bit. After that nothing until yesterday. GP suggested increasing dose so we did that from yesterday morning and have had 8 lots of skid marky poos today, no proper sized poo at all, some she didn't seem to know she was doing and others she got upset and knew she was pooing in her pants.

Seems to me like the problem really is that she's not forming a proper poo to pass and soft, sticky bits leak out bits here and there so she doesn't really know she needs to go a lot of the time. Her diet is pretty good with plenty of fibre (wholemeal bread, rice, potatoes, pasta). She's not keen on veg but has odd bits, loves fruit pots. We try to get her to drink regularly.

We seem to need something that will bulk up the poo a bit so she can feel she needs to go or something - any ideas? Should I go back to GP and ask for Movicol, which I gather is quite good? Anyone else had the same problem?

All help appreciated, it's been a bit of a nightmare today, and DP and I just want to do what we can to help her.

Many thanks

littleduck Sun 02-Oct-11 19:32:14

update - in middle of bath DD started doing 1000-yard stare and said 'not doing poo' - looked quickly and sure enough something was just starting to come out. Whipped her out of bath and on to loo where she did an absolutely mammoth poo - several inches long I'd guess.

So looks like the poo is forming OK, she's just holding it and the skid marks are bits leaking out when it gets too much.

What to do in this situation, really I'd so much appreciate your thoughts!

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