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2.5 year old 3 months into potting training still having daily accidents - HELP

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azzurra Thu 29-Sep-11 10:55:20

I have started potty training my DS in June. Initially he seems doing very well but now he will wee in the potty only if reminded. He does not seem to be bothered if he stays in wet pants. It goes to nursery and on average he has two changes of clothes a day due to "accidents". I am keeping a relaxed approach at the moment but is this normal? Many thanks

balormummy Thu 29-Sep-11 19:27:31

Sounds like he needs some incentive to stay dry. Think about your re-action when he has an accident, is getting more attention for having accidents than when he performs in the potty? Make a really big fuss when he uses the potty and show him you are dissapointed when he wets obviously not by punishing him but be dissapointed in the behaviour and look sad, remind him that he should go in the potty. Often stickers are great currency for kids let him choose some special ones and explain to hom that he can have a sticker for asking to the potty and for when he wee's (or what ever suits you) hope this helps feel free to e-mail me for any more info

alittlebitshy Sun 02-Oct-11 13:25:18

Another thread that makes me think "thank goodness".

My ds is 3y 2m and has only been trained since the end of July but was doing perfectly and suddenly accidents are happening. It is frustrating the hell out of me and I am being far too cross about it .

I am not sure how much is leaving it too late and how much is having got too comfy in being out of nappies so not thinking about it any more. But it is making me very anxious which I guess is not helping ds.

We are not quite getting daily accidents but not far off. This is after weeks of nonesad

Just wish i knew why and when it would stop.

azzurra Mon 03-Oct-11 11:42:19

Thanks for the messages. Alittlebitshy, good luck. I think we both need to persevere and eventually we will get there. Yesterday one mum told me "You never see 5 year olds in nappies this is because eventually they realise that this is not socially acceptable". I had never thought of it and made me feel better. I think in my case I have tried to be "too neutral" when accidents have happened because I did not want to upset ds or make him anxious about the whole thing. I guess I should try Balormummy's suggestions and maybe show more my dissapointment. Many thanks for the advice!

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