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How do you know?

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sparkleshine Sat 24-Sep-11 22:21:53

DS is 21 months and I'm not sure when and how to start potty training.
We haven't bought a potty yet and actually wasn't planning on doing until after 2yrs as he doesn't seem to be ready at all.

He doesn't say 'poo' or seem to know or bother when he poos his nappy, let alone wetting it. Though he does get a bit uncomfortable if it's too full, and tries to pull it off.
He does say 'wee wee' occasionally and randomly and knows where wees happen, but I think that is only due to me saying 'mummy's going for a wee wee now' type thing. So more like copying me,IYSWIM.

Should I just buy a potty and start trying him on it or leave one around so he can play and inspect it?

Or should I just wait until he is ready himself. I'm quite happy either way, just more curious as to what is best. Just reading some posts on here makes me think my DS is behind!

Nevercan Sun 25-Sep-11 16:00:57

I got a potty once my dd1 started following me to the loo and helping flush and then saying can I do it smile

brachy Sun 25-Sep-11 21:36:52

I just wrote in another thread...DD woke up one morning (at 24months) and announced "I'm not wearing that nappy anymore"...we knew then, I then went out and bought a potty and pants.
DS just sat one day on the potty and has used it ever since. He isn't overly verbal and I had no signs he was ready, it just happened. He was 22 months. Choc buttons were a good reward for him!

Pishtushette Thu 06-Oct-11 16:40:11

I`ve been wondering the same thing sparkle. DD is 22 months and the Ofsted inspector who went to visit my CM said we should start trying. At the mo DD thinks a wee and a poo are the same thing, which probably doesn`t matter. She usually (but not always) tells me when she`s just done one of the two.

I feel she`s too young but the Ofsted inspector obviously knows more about babies/toddlers than I do. I`m just worried about starting too early and it all back firing.

What have you decided?

NellyTheElephant Sat 08-Oct-11 22:13:50

I feel the whole 'waiting until they are ready' thing is a bit weird to be honest. I've potty trained 3 children now and I can't imagine any of them just suddenly being 'ready' out of nowhere without encouragement. So I had potties from well before they were two, encouraged them to sit on it regularly (when they woke up, before bath, that kind of thing) and hopefully produce something (although more often not). Talked to them whilst changing nappies (i.e oh look, a poo, soon that will go in the loo and you can wear pants, won't that be fun). Read them those endless books that you you get and low and behold my 3 were all miraculously easy to train (DD1 at 2.3, DD2 at 22 months and DS at exactly 2)

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