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DD distressed over wee accident

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MiniLlace Thu 22-Sep-11 12:55:06

Hi I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and any advise. My DD is almost 2 and given she is very articualte for her age and its obvious she is aware at least when she is about to do a poo (she goes off to her quite place to have a poo), I was considering potty training soon. However, a couple of weeks ago when nappy free before her bath she weed on the floor. She was quite upset however I brushed it off saying it was all ok etc ... a few days later she did the same again this time with our nanny ... again DD got upset. She now gets distressed when we try and remove her nappy (obviously concerned it will happen again) - although all concerned have said there is nothing to worry about etc ... a couple of questions 1. has anyone experienced this and if she what did you do if anything to get them back on track and 2. Im guessing i should hold off potty training for now so i dont cause her more distress (as im assuming accidents will happen more once training starts) you agree? .. many thanks

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