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Dry in mornings but not started training yet

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rathlin Sun 18-Sep-11 22:12:00

My DS is 2.5 and not in the least interested in potty training however he is consistently dry in the mornings and let's it out maybe 30 mins or so after he wakes up. He is quite happy to sit in a wet/soiled nappy all day and would not complain. He knows what a potty is for as he has one but won't try on the pants I've bought him so have backed off on even trying them on.

My DH has only recently started letting him watching him have a wee (don't ask) and it's hilarious listening to my DS (I'm not allowed to watch) observing him. If he ever pees himself while nappy is off, I don't think he realises he has done it. I had planned to try training him at Christmas but I'm beginning to think that this may be too soon (he can talk quite well) but he denies that his nappy is soiled anytime I ask him. Any thoughts? I'm thinking he is probably physiologically ready if he can hold it all night but maybe not psychologically ready.

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