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Argghhh...No books can help, 3yr old son won't co-operate with basics!

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HarrisonandSofiesMum Sun 18-Sep-11 13:01:08

Hi Ladies,

I desperatley need your help as I'm going 'potty'. My son is 3 next month and I've been trying to potty train him most of this year on and off. He got really defensive last time and pulled my hair screaming at me, whilst I haven't had this this time, at first he was keen to try sitting on the potty again and try his new pants on, but after a week of trying on and off (the approach for boys) he's now at the point where he won't put pants on and won't sit on the potty. Hes totally capable - just absolutely insists he's not doing it and cries whole heartidly for his nappy back.

He calls baby bottles "big boy cups", we can't get him to take his milk out of a cup - he gets upset crying for a "big boy cup" which basically means a bottle.

We send him to nursery 3 days a week with pants in his bag, and whilst he'll let the nursery staff put him in pants and sit on the potty I think it's because he feels he has no choice and can't say no. Whereas at home he insists he's not putting on pants. I've spent loads on books about the subject now and quite frankly its doing my head in that the authors all think the child is happy to put on pants on...theres no advice for getting past this and so I can't really follow the rest of the programme.

I do think there's an underlying thing with him that he doesn't want to grow up, still insisting on bottles seems to confirm this. He was the same when trying to get him in the big bath, he'd scream and scream until now he's finally comfortable with it. Its almost like he has a natural fear of everything new.

What can I do besides leave it another 3 months to try again??

OatcakeCravings Tue 20-Sep-11 12:34:32

Bribery worked with my DS, get some small toys and offer them as a reward for a full day in pants.

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